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The Most Powerful Exercises to Build Triceps Muscle

When it comes to building and toning the triceps, bench dips and close-grip push-ups are some of the most effective exercises. These exercises target the entire triceps muscle group, but they have unique benefits. They are great for toning the triceps without bulking up the rest of the body. The best part about bench dips is that they can be performed by anyone.

Up-down planks

Planks are among the best exercises to build the triceps muscle because of their unique benefits. They target strained muscle groups and help maintain a neutral spine. Additionally, this exercise is effective in toning the abs and improving posture. It also builds core strength and improves your metabolism. If done correctly, planks also increase the size and strength of your back and abs.

To begin this exercise, you must lie on your side and place your right hand underneath your shoulder. Your left foot should be on the floor in front of your other foot. Make sure that your abs are tight while you perform the exercise. Next, you must push your body upward while holding on to your right forearm. You may also want to use your left hand to support your body. This exercise is also beneficial for the hamstrings and lower body.

When done properly, up-down planks can help build the triceps muscle. While traditional push-ups focus on the pecs, close-grip push-ups will train the triceps by concentrating on the long head. The key is to keep the body in a tight diamond shape, and make sure that your core is stable and tense.

When performing a triceps exercise, try to use a low rep range. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than eight reps. Then, use heavier weights and use quality reps. You can also combine two exercises for maximum results by using supersets. This technique will train the triceps while strengthening the biceps.

Close-grip push-ups

Close grip push-ups are an excellent choice for building triceps muscle. They're essentially the same as a traditional push-up, but the hands should be closer together. Performing these exercises is an effective way to build triceps, biceps, and chest. The main difference between them is that they require more arm work. As with the standard version, do not lock your elbows out when performing this exercise; locking them out will take all the tension off your triceps and make the exercise less effective.

Close grip push-ups also improve muscle endurance and overall balance and stability. These exercises will tone the entire arm, chest, and back. This is a great exercise to do in the comfort of your own home. Close grip push-ups will make your arm workouts easier, too! Try to do as many as possible without resting for long periods of time.

The triceps are a tiny muscle but should be targeted with 10 to 14 sets a week. To target triceps, mix it up by doing biceps exercises as well. You can also tack triceps training onto your push or bench press days. The muscle is a vital part of the arm and works well with other pushing exercises.

Another effective exercise to target and build triceps is a cable machine. You can use a resistance band instead. Simply hang the rope halfway down the doorway and tie a loose knot in the middle. Hold onto the rope near the knotted ends of the rope, then bend your elbows to 90 degrees, extending your arms toward the floor. As your triceps contract, the rope will spread out on either side and you should repeat for one to three sets of eight to sixteen reps.

Triceps Kickback

Triceps kickback exercises can be performed to target and build the triceps. You need a pair of dumbbells and a weight bench. Begin in a bent-over position and support your torso on the bench. Use the thigh of the front leg to support your non-working arm. Then, extend your elbows out behind you and squeeze your triceps. Repeat the exercise for desired reps.

Triceps are comprised of three heads, which require proper exercise to develop them. They are important for many reasons, including aesthetics, upper body development, and injury prevention. Having a set of strong and toned triceps will enhance your overall workout and your results. However, if your triceps are weak, it will negatively impact your gains. Using a kickback exercise is one of the best ways to target and build triceps muscles.

The triceps kickback is an effective isolation exercise that targets the clout, biceps, and forearms. Building triceps muscles will enhance your overall strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It is also great for preventing upper arm sagging. But the best thing about kickbacks is that it is not only an effective way to target the triceps.

The kickback exercise can be performed using dumbbells. To perform this exercise, your left arm should be parallel to the floor while your right arm is straightened. As you extend your elbow, your triceps should contract and bring the dumbbells back to the starting position. As you do this exercise, you'll get blood flowing to your triceps.

Weighted dips

Dips are a bodyweight exercise that targets your triceps. You can do dips anywhere, such as on parallel bars, weight benches, or gymnastic rings. You can also use a pair of sturdy chairs to perform tricep dips. For the most effective results, perform them as many times as possible. If you are unable to perform the full set, start with a regressed version and work your way up.

When performing Dips, it is important to maintain correct form. Many people lean too far forward or round their backs. Both of these common mistakes put their shoulders in an extremely vulnerable position. Additionally, flaring the elbows out to the sides can also damage your shoulders. To avoid these common errors, make sure to use a proper grip on the handles.

The correct technique for performing dips is crucial. To begin, grasp a bar with your arms at shoulder width. Then, lean forward with your legs straight, toes toward your shins. Then, lower yourself slowly until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Once you have reached your bottom position, pause for a few seconds. Then, drive yourself up to your starting position.

The goal of your triceps workout is to expose the triceps to as much pressure as possible during the exercise. Try to aim for two seconds at first and work your way up to four seconds. You can also go as low as your shoulders allow. Three sets of eight to ten dips should leave your upper arms ravaged the next day.


You should perform triceps pushups with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Your triceps will be the main source of strength in this exercise. To make this exercise harder, you should place a yoga block under the elbows to provide more resistance. Perform as many reps as you can in three sets. Alternatively, you can use two stationary dumbbells and do a close-stance pushup.

Press-ups are one of the most effective exercises to target and build tricep muscles. They work the entire triceps muscle group and are the most effective for building a sculpted triceps. These exercises can be done with bodyweight or machines, but many people prefer doing them with the help of a trainer.

The triceps help us perform power moves and everyday activities. However, because they are short, they also lose power quickly. As a result, you should always start with light weights and gradually work up to heavier weights. The intensity and number of repetitions will affect the amount of fatigue your triceps feel after a certain number of reps.

The traditional push-up is a great choice for beginners and experienced athletes alike. It is an excellent way to strengthen the chest, triceps, and core. Try wearing a weighted vest and increase the difficulty level. Your arms should be fully extended and the core should be locked to maintain proper form. A few repetitions of this exercise daily will help you build up the triceps.

The lateral head of the triceps is the primary source of power in most pressing exercises. This muscle group is engaged when you use fine control motions, such as writing, typing, and climbing. During these tasks, your triceps help you maintain balance and keep your elbow in place. Whether you're in the gym or at home, the triceps are essential to your daily fitness routine.


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