8 Exercises to Blow Up Your Biceps and Triceps Only at Home in 30 Days

Thursday, May 6, 2021

If you want to build huge biceps and triceps quickly, follow these easy workouts. These are the best exercises for home. You can perform them with a barbell, dumbbells, or cable pushdowns. They are also great to do as finishing exercises. For a high-volume workout, you can use a partner weight plate.

Barbell lying triceps extension

Using a barbell and weights is one of the best ways to build up your arm strength and gain definition. While bicep curls are not the best choice if you're new to arm strength training, they can work your biceps and triceps. This arm workout combines various exercises that will give you a massive pump in less than a month!

This exercise mimics dips, and you can increase the difficulty by increasing the weights to the maximum. Make sure to lift the weights slowly and control your form. Keep the elbows slightly bent and your chest almost touching the floor. Begin with lighter weights and slowly work your way up to the full range of motion. You can do this exercise over-the-head or behind-the-back, depending on your skill level. Make sure to brace your core during the slow, controlled lowering motion so as to avoid injury.

Dips can be painful on the shoulders. To minimize this pain, limit the range of motion, use a lighter weight, or lean forward slightly. This type of arm exercise targets the pecs and arm muscles, which can lead to overuse injuries. Avoid performing dips with heavy weights when you're already stressed from chest and shoulder pressing. Instead, use lighter weights and focus on your biceps.

You can do this workout with your own body weight. Body weight workouts are an excellent choice for developing your triceps. They require proper body positioning and must be performed in order for maximum results. Try them in alternating sessions. You can use a barbell for the triceps if you are looking to work on your overall strength and vascularity.


Dips are a simple bodyweight exercise that pack on slabs of muscle. The dip is the king of tricep exercises, and it's a great way to add thickness and volume to your arms without using dumbbells or any other weights. Below are five variations of this exercise, and a detailed guide to their benefits.

Dips are a common exercise in gyms but can also be done at home with body weight. Do them in a straight posture, press outwards from your triceps, and don't lean over. Perform 12 to 15 reps of each exercise. Repeat each exercise three to four times a day, and make sure to vary the number of repetitions.

If you're new to exercising at home, you should be aware of the limitations of your time and space. Doing more than 9-12 sets can lead to overtraining your triceps. The benefit of your workouts diminishes after a point, meaning that each set does not provide the same benefit as the previous one. Doing more than this can result in injury and burnout.

You can also use a resistance band to do this exercise. Make sure your hands are close to the bar, with your elbows pointed forward. Keep your torso upright and make sure your triceps do not flare outwards. Once you've found the proper dips to burn the most fat, make sure to use a reputable machine or a sturdy object.

Another great exercise to mimic dips is the bench press. You can also do it with a neutral grip so that there's less stress on your front shoulder. The goal here is to mimic the motion of a dip, but with a neutral grip. In the meantime, use your arms to mimic dips with a neutral grip. This type of exercise is similar to a dip, but it places more stress on your triceps instead of the front.

Cable pushdowns

Performing cable pushdowns to blow up your biceps and triceps only requires the use of a cable machine. This machine is a beginner-friendly alternative to traditional biceps and triceps workout. It removes the wobbling factor and allows for safe strength building. The cable machine also allows you to use heavier weights.

Cable pushdowns are the best option for building massive biceps and triceps. These exercises are incredibly effective at building muscle, especially the triceps. You can perform these exercises with single-handed pulleys or ropes, and you can try different grips and tensions. The most common grips are palms facing down and palms facing up. Another option is to use a short straight bar. Remember to maintain proper form during each exercise.

Before starting a new workout routine, make sure you have a warm-up. It is important to warm up before any workout to prevent injuries. Adding weights too quickly will strain your muscles and cause injury. Do not bend your back while you're doing this exercise. The same rule applies to using the cable machines for biceps: don't lift too much weight too fast.

The cable pushdown is an excellent arm exercise that is good for developing the entire tricep. When performed correctly, it also develops the core muscles, back, and shoulders. While it requires a straight posture, this exercise puts a lot of stress on the triceps. You can choose to grip the bar in a pronated position with elbows bent toward the body.

Dips with neutral grip

If you're looking to develop a set of bigger arms, the most effective exercise is Dips with a neutral grip. Dips are a great bodyweight exercise because they hit the heads of all three triceps muscles. As a bonus, they are also great for your joints because they work every single muscle group.

The first step in performing dips is to choose a bench that allows you to elevate your hands. This is to make the exercise easier on your shoulder joints. If you don't have access to an elevated bench, you should use a barbell and stand between the handles. The weight you select should be high enough to allow you to perform 12 reps on your first set. Then, repeat the same process for each set.

Similarly, you should use neutral grip for your tricep exercises. A good number of people prefer dumbbells for tricep isolation exercises. However, cable work is another great choice for high-rep tricep exercises. The high-rep nature of cable work results in an incredible pump and happy joints.

Another excellent tricep exercise is a Swiss Bar, also known as the Football Bar. This bar puts the hands in a neutral position and avoids the elbow flare out, one of the most common reasons people get injured during bench pressing. This is because the elbow flares out when bench pressing, placing tremendous pressure on the shoulder joint and surrounding musculature. The Swiss Bar allows for a more natural position and a more effective balance of tension throughout the triceps and pecs.

Dips with heavy dumbbells

Dips are great for developing upper body strength and hypertrophy and can carry over into calisthenics and gymnastic-based movements. You can do dips at home or in the gym with any weight but using heavy dumbbells can build biceps and triceps quickly. To get the most benefit, use a moderate to heavy weight for each dip, aiming for three to four sets of eight to 12 reps per set.

To perform dips at home, you'll need a bench or other piece of equipment, such as a bar. Ideally, you'll be able to use parallel bars, a flat surface, or stable bar stools. Just make sure that you maintain a neutral grip and keep your elbows pointed out throughout the dip. This exercise will increase your arms' mass, but you'll need to maintain control of your movement and avoid injuring yourself.

Do dips with heavy dumbbells to blow up the biceps and triceps at home in 30 days: These exercises are effective for building a bigger upper body. Depending on your current strength level, you can increase the weight and reps in the dips. You can do them with light or heavy weights but try to keep the reps within the eight to twelve range to maximize muscle growth.

The best way to perform dips is to keep the hands close to each other. Ideally, you should squeeze your shoulders hard as you lower each set. Keep your elbows tightly together and maintain perfect form while lowering the weight. Make sure to complete each set at the end of the set. Repeat at least three times, and you'll notice an immediate difference.