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Four Desi Summer Drinks That Nourish Your Skin From Within

Four Desi Summer Drinks That Nourish Your Skin From Within

A glass of lemonade is great for summer, but you can also add some SATTU SHERBET or BUTTERMILK to your diet as well. Buttermilk is a delicious cooling drink that can help your digestion, burn fat, and lower blood pressure. Green juice is another delicious choice for a summer drink. If you're lactose intolerant, try soy-milk instead.


Four Desi Summer Drinks That Nourish Your Skin From Within

When it comes to skincare during the summer, nothing beats drinking the right kinds of liquids to keep you hydrated and looking youthful. A few desi summer drinks will go a long way in improving your skin health. Lemonade, glass, and pomegranate juice are among the best options. These fruits are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants and will replenish the nutrients your body has lost in the summer. Drink lemonade without sugar or honey to enjoy the benefits.

Buttermilk is another refreshing drink that can help keep your skin looking beautiful throughout the season. This natural probiotic and lactic acid content will leave your skin looking radiant and healthy. If you like a little jeera tadka with it, you can make a delicious treat that will leave you glowing all day. And for people who can't stand the taste of buttermilk, try substituting soy-milk.


Four Desi Summer Drinks That Nourish Your Skin From Within

Sattu sherbet is a cooling beverage that is made from roasted black gram flour, lemon juice, and cumin powder. The protein-rich drink is a refreshing drink that will help you keep cool during the summer and fight various health problems. It also aids in digestion and keeps your energy level high. Whether you're planning to spend the day outside or stay indoors, sattu sherbet will keep you cool.

Sattu is an amazing summer drink and is rich in protein. In addition to being an excellent cooling beverage, it will also help you burn fat, reduce bloating and boost your metabolism, all of which can help you lose weight. It can also quench your thirst in the summertime, as it contains traces of calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

Besides its amazing flavors, SATTU SHERBET is incredibly refreshing and has many nutritional and medicinal benefits. During the summer, your skin becomes a victim of extreme heat, dust, pollution, and sweat. While you may be applying sunscreen lotion to keep your skin protected, it's just a temporary fix. Fortunately, proper hydration is the solution for glowing, healthy skin.

SATTU SHERBET is infused with natural antioxidants and will nourish your skin from within. The roasted Chile seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. You can make your own sattu sherbet by soaking wood apple pulp in water. After removing the shell, strain out the juice and add cardamom and cumin seed powder to it. Strain the pulp and serve chilled.

The natural nutrients in sattu are helpful to the gut and colon. It helps to regulate blood pressure, relieves clogging, and reduces swelling. It also supports muscle and tissue repair and helps to restore energy levels. You can even drink it after a workout to get a jump start on your summer skin. The benefits of sattu are well-known!

Despite the fact that sattu is low in calories, it has great nutritional benefits for your body. Drinking it on an empty stomach is good for your digestive system and lowers blood pressure. It is also a great source of dietary fiber and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also helps you stay full and prevent hunger pangs, so you can sip a glass of sattu on an empty stomach.


Four Desi Summer Drinks That Nourish Your Skin From Within

In summer, you can find several refreshing, sugar-free Indian beverages that will soothe your skin and refresh you. These drinks are packed with incredible flavors and come with numerous health benefits. Sattu sherbet is a good example. It is rich in various nutrients and has the capability to detoxify the body. The extreme heat, humidity, dust, and pollution can cause dehydration and affect the skin. While a sunscreen lotion is a quick fix, the skin is the primary target of these harsh environmental factors. Therefore, a proper hydration regime is essential for skin health.

Buttermilk, also known as chaos, is an excellent cooling drink that can help you keep your skin wholesome and vibrant. It is high in lactic acid, an organic probiotic that helps moisturize and brighten the skin. Its mild flavor can be served with a dash of jeera tadka. For best results, drink chaos on an empty stomach and enjoy the refreshing effects of this cooling beverage.

Ningu sherbet, or nungu in Tamil, is another cooling drink. It is made from ice apple or palm fruit and contains a lot of vitamin C and electrolytes. It is commonly served in local restaurants and can be made at home using either buttermilk or store-bought shrikhand. These cooling drinks are great in the summer because they can help keep you cool and hydrated.

Ghee is rich in carotene, a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and helps keep your skin youthful. The antibacterial properties in desi ghee help you fight off acne and prevent the development of wrinkles and dark spots. In addition to skin health, desi ghee can also help you fight aging. You can apply desi ghee as a mask overnight or use it as a moisturizing face mask.

Lemonade is a refreshing beverage in the summer. Lemons are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which fight free radicals and promote the growth of new blood cells. This makes your skin glow and helps delay signs of aging. Be sure to get lemonade without sugar to reap the maximum benefits. The nutrients in lemonade will nourish your skin from the inside, and your skin will thank you!


When the heat is unbearable, drinking a cool, refreshing drink is important for your skin, especially your tan. One of the best deep summer drinks is less, a traditional beverage made from yogurt. It contains lactic acid, which helps maintain moisture on the skin, and adds natural moisturizing factors. Lassi is ideal for dry skin, as it is rich in antimicrobial properties and helps treat pigmentation and wrinkles.

Among the many design summer drinks, coconut water is a refreshing drink that act as a natural electrolyte and helps manage the physiological functions in the body. It has a naturally fresh flavor and mild sweetness. Another desi drink that's rich in nutrients is lassi, a yogurt-based beverage that has a variety of other health benefits. Drinking this delicious drink can make your skin look and feel great throughout the day.

Another drink that has great cooling and cleansing properties is sattu, a powdered form of roasted chickpea. The health benefits of this drink are well-known and can be found in many forms, but in its most basic form, it's a digestive aid. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Namkeen Sattu Ghol is a quintessential summer drink.

Buttermilk is another cooling and rejuvenating drink that are good for your skin. A great source of lactic acid, buttermilk is also a natural probiotic. The probiotics and lactic acid in this drink help to moisturize the skin and brighten it, so it's an ideal summer beverage. When accompanied with jeera tadka, this cool and rejuvenating drink will make you look and feel your best!

Aam Panna has been shown to improve your skin and promote youthfulness. It also helps keep your skin moisturized and supple. It also helps to fight wrinkles and lighten dark circles. And as an added benefit, desi ghee contains phospholipids and sterols, which are antibacterial properties. A few drops of desi ghee daily will help restore a youthful glow and improve your overall skin health.


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